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UNDP, Moldovan government boost access to life-saving medicines for vulnerable groups

More vulnerable persons benefit from life-saving medicines of high quality free of charge, as a result of an agreement signed in January 2017, under which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social…  

After 15 years Zaim Community Centre was reopened thanks to the migrants’ involvement

The Community Centre of Zaim has been reopened today. It hosts a fanfare band, a choir, a dance studio, a gym and a library. Thanks to contributions received from the natives, local authorities and…  

EU improves health services in Varnita for the benefit of people of both banks of Nistru river

The Health Care Center from Varnita village has become more spacious as a new annex with physiotherapy wards, diagnosis rooms and family doctors’ offices was built. Now, more than 13,000 people –…  

Telenesti town has a new multifunctional sports facility thanks to the engagement of the natives living abroad

A state-of-the-art sports facility was opened today in Telenesti town thanks to the contributions of the natives living abroad, local authorities and the Government of Switzerland. The first organised…  

Local producers deliver fresh fruits to one of the largest retailers in Romania

Moldova’s participation in the specialized fair Indagra Food 2016 in Bucharest reaps a rich harvest for local fruits’ producers.  

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