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Painters from both banks of the Nistru river show their works at joint exhibitions

Young painters from Chisinau, Tiraspol and Bender, 10 from each bank of the Nistru river, organized a joint painting exhibition at the B.P. Hasdeu library in Chisinau during March 16–23, 2019.  

The public libraries from Moldova are electoral education friendly

If some time ago a library was a place for borrowing books, in the last years this kind of institution is not only gathering people who share the passion for reading. Here the visitors can enrich…  

A student from Taraclia fights violence through art

Diana Karapencova, a 17-year-old student from Taraclia, has her own strategy of fighting violence.  

The woman who dreams of buying homes for all survivors of domestic violence

If Angela had one million dollars, she would buy homes for women who are locked in a life with violent men. The idea came to her after she escaped a horrible marriage. The first woman she would help…  

A benefit performance in support of the survivors of gender-based violence was presented in Chisinau

Hundreds of residents of Chisinau sympathized with women survivors of gender-based violence. On February 28, 2019, they watched the benefit theatre performance “Я умереть надежде не дам” (I Won’t Let…  

Young people, especially the first voters, have become informed voters

“In the beginning, I was not thinking to participate in elections”, that’s how Lucian Deleu, an 18-year-old young man from Balti, started his presentation. Until the spring of last year, he did not…  

A pro-bono theatre performance in Chisinau in support of survivors of gender-based violence

On the last day of winter, the Coliseum Arts Center and UNDP Moldova are organizing a pro-bono theatre performance in support of survivors of gender-based violence from the south of the country. All…  

More than 63,000 people from Gagauzia region received information about the upcoming elections in their language

Olga Dudoglo is 27 years old and she is from Comrat. She graduated the local university and is now a lawyer. Last year she joined other volunteers with whom she visited each village and town in the…  

“Letter for young voters” — over 52 thousand of first-time voters were encouraged to vote

The young people, who are going to vote for the first time at the parliamentary elections, have been informed about the importance of their involvement in the democratic and electoral processes.  

Chisinau develops its very first Urban Mobility Plan

Chisinau will have an Urban Mobility Plan. The document, a premiere for the municipality, will be developed by the Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the UNDP “Moldova Sustainable Green Cities…  

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