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With renovated premises, the National Institute of Justice pursues new approaches to judicial training of future judges and prosecutors

On 15 October 2018 the National Institute of Justice of Moldova (NIJ) inaugurated its renovated premises. So, the institution became more accessible for persons with disabilities. At the same time,…  

Straseni’s pitch to becoming a corruption-free community, showcased at Brussels Side Event

On 10 October 2018, the mayor of Straseni, Valentina Casian, presented her municipality’s work on promoting integrity and anticorruption at local level at the UNDP side event “Future of cities:…  

Between wish and limitation: people with disabilities can and want to be socially active

The tables and chairs are arranged for those who will beaver away in the next hours. The electoral lists are ready to be filled with signatures, the computer, where the operator will check the voters,…  

Bikes bring us closer to men and women from our communities

Twenty patrol police officers from Cahul and Balti, from which four are women, have learned how to perform efficiently the patrolling functions using a bicycle.  

Video observation transforms the treatment of tuberculosis in Moldova

It has been more than half a year since Maria* treated herself for tuberculosis and since she came back to work at the Chisinau high school where she is a teacher.  

Palanca border crossing point, built with the support of the European Union, to be launched in three months

The construction of the new state border crossing point at Palanca, jointly administered by the customs and border police authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, is close to 70%…  

More accessible electoral information for various groups of voters in the Republic of Moldova

Electoral education materials for the 2019 parliamentary elections were adapted to be easily understood and accessed by various groups of voters. The publications were presented on September 26th…  

For the first time, inmates from Prison No. 3 from Leova participated in the simulation of the voting process

For the first time in a Moldovan prison, an electoral education workshop for inmates was conducted. More than 50 people detained at Prison No. 3 from Leova participated in an information session and…  

Best ideas for presenting elections’ progress and preliminary results have been awarded at In-noVoter

Winners of the first creative laboratory in elections – InnoVoter – were designated today, 16 Sep-tember 2018. For three days, 30 IT innovation-surfing young people created prototypes for…  

InnoVoter: Young people design applications to show progress and preliminary results of elections, in real-time

The first elections creative laboratory – InnoVoter – was launched today, 14 September 2018. The event was attended by 30 young people passionate for technologies and innovations.  

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