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SUN Dă-I Fest brought together green technology and good music in the heart of Chisinau

Green technologies and good music were the stars of SUN Dă-I Fest Festival, which took place this Sunday in the Public Garden Stefan cel Mare. The good mood was fuelled by many competitions and…  

Administrator’s Statement on World Environment Day

Protecting the environment and leaving a thriving planet to future generations is in your hands – literally.  

World Environment Day – more and more popular in Chisinau

The World Environment Day became an expected occasion in the Republic of Moldova. The program with resting in hammocks, music on vinyl records selected by DJ Gonzo, exhibitions, making clay pots and…  

Rescue and Fire Station of Copanca was renovated with EU support

The rescuers and fire fighters of Copanca village, Causeni district will intervene more rapidly and efficiently in case of fires and emergency situations, as the station where they activate was…  

Ravines and eroded soils become forests in Copceac village

With UNDP support, the hay production in Copceac village accounted in 2017 for about 13 tones/ha of hay as compared to 0.5 tones/ha of hay registered before the rehabilitation works.  

Over 400 volunteers planted trees on a degraded and eroded land field in Copceac village, Stefan Voda district

A large-scale planting event was conducted on 21 April 2018, in Copceac village, Stefan Voda district. Over 400 volunteers from all over the country and the respective community have participated in…  

Green City Lab: green innovations and urban development for Chisinau

How can we foster urban development in tandem with carbon emissions’ reduction and environment protection? What pilot projects and in what areas should be implemented to stimulate green urban…  

Sound the alarm

Recent weather events around the world illustrate what scientists have long advised - that the peak intensity of severe storms increases as temperatures rise, and the refractory period between peaks…  

UNDP rolls out climate curriculum for children across Eurasia region

UNDP has launched a climate curriculum that teaches children how to fight climate change in their everyday lives.  

Ecaterina Herta from Moldova wins a special nomination at an international photo contest dedicated to ozone layer protection

Ecaterina Herta from Moldova wins the special nomination “Climate change in my eyes” at the first International Photo Contest dedicated to the Ozone Layer Protection and Climate Change, organized by…  

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