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2019 Human Development Report to focus on inequality

Today’s world remains deeply unfair. The life and prospects faced by a newborn in a poor country or in a poor household are radically different from those of wealthier children. In all societies,…  

Victor Izbas, UNDP intern: "The mission of my life is to break down stereotypes"

Victor Izbas is 24 years old and has been an intern for two months at UNDP, as part of a wider UN Programme for increasing accessibility and diversity in the institution.  

How a social project helps young people with disabilities to have a better life

In 2016, Keystone Moldova received the United Nations Human Rights Award for its outstanding support in developing community services for people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities.  

With the assistance of the European Union, over 150,000 people from the ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district have improved their living conditions

At least one social infrastructure facility was improved in each of those 40 communities from the ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district. 63 small and medium enterprises were launched or developed,…  

People's perceptions of the degree to which human rights are respected in the Republic of Moldova have not changed fundamentally over the last two years

Moldova have not changed fundamentally over the last two years 7 out of 10 inhabitants of Republic of Moldova consider their rights to be systematically violated. This is evidenced by the results of…  

Moldovan human rights defenders champion for fighting discrimination

Equality and non-discrimination are linked to human dignity. To demonstrate that you have been discriminated against, to oppose and sanction the person who has discriminated you is an exercise of…  

Eight Moldovan public institutions received a diploma of recognition for their efforts to advance gender equality

Eight public institutions from the Republic Moldova received a Diploma from UNDP, as a recognition of their determination and performance to deliver transformational gender equality results.  

Between wish and limitation: people with disabilities can and want to be socially active

The tables and chairs are arranged for those who will beaver away in the next hours. The electoral lists are ready to be filled with signatures, the computer, where the operator will check the voters,…  

More accessible electoral information for various groups of voters in the Republic of Moldova

Electoral education materials for the 2019 parliamentary elections were adapted to be easily understood and accessed by various groups of voters. The publications were presented on September 26th…  

“With tap water, we are now in heaven”

What would you prefer: to buy a barrel of water, sometimes seven times as expensive as tap water, or borrow a few buckets of water from your neighbors? This was for years a dilemma for Etulia village…  

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