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Electoral processes in Moldova: simpler, faster and closer to voters

Nowadays, a voter from the Republic of Moldova can find out everything about elections from his/her phone, tablet or computer.  

Campaign: Nistru is the backbone of the Republic of Moldova

Nistru is the backbone of Moldova, whose communities, economic activities, agriculture and access to the water are organically bound to keeping alive this water artery.  

Filmmakers Camp will return in one month with the most innovative videos on electoral education

The Filmmakers’ camp, the first laboratory of ideas in the electoral field, was successfully completed. For two days, the participants, young filmmakers, learned from the team of Atelier “Sergiu…  

The 3D-printed benches for the Mircea cel Batran alley meet the quality standards

25 concrete 3D-printed benches were installed on the Mircea cel Batran Boulevard in Chisinau, with the support of Green City Lab, the Urban Innovation Laboratory of the Chisinau City Hall and UNDP…  

Can behaviour insights help tackle one of the world's top killers? Improving Tuberculosis Care in Moldova

In 1943, Waksman and Schatz discovered the first effective antibiotic against tuberculosis (TB). This discovery led to medication that could cure TB in humans, for which Waksman received a Nobel Prize…  

Last-generation medical equipment for the Central Clinical Military Hospital

In 2018, the institution was endowed with new investigative medical equipment purchased with public funds through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

Twenty-five 3D-printed benches were installed on the Mircea cel Batran Boulevard from Chisinau

Twenty-five 3D-printed benches made of concrete were installed on the Mircea cel Batran Boulevard in Chisinau. The benches are produced with the support of the “Sustainable Green Cities” project,…  

Fight for dignity when in pain

“Losing someone you love is traumatic. But when someone you love dies in pain, something dies in you.”  

Bond for rural Moldova move people forward

Pots and jugs from black clay, pies and cabbage rolls, age-old forests, lakes in the woods, and ... enthusiastic people - these are the treasures hidden in several localities in the center of Moldova.…  

Putting people at the center of job search: How jobseekers in Moldova get the lead out

While in Moldova the unemployment rate is of 3%, according to official data (National Bureau of Statistics, 2018), uncertainty gains ground on the labor market. When turning 19 years old, most of…  

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