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EU support: a young man from Tiraspol produces unusual chargers for mobile telephones

A charger for mobile telephones can also be an element of decoration, if produced in the workshop owned by Ivan Hodacovschi, a young man from Tiraspol, who could start up his business owing to an…  

“Poienita” kindergarten from Cornesti town switched to green energy thanks to European Union assistance

This winter is different for the residents of Cornesti town. Children are no longer freezing or inhaling coal smoke to heat the kindergarten. The community replaced the obsolete heating system  

A bridge connecting "two banks of the Nistru River", fully renovated with the EU support

A modern bridge renovated with European funds put an end to the long-standing problems challenging the communities of Hirbovat, Anenii Noi district, and Proteagailovca, a suburb of Bender.  

These human rights defenders are standing up for others — and themselves

On this Human Rights Day, we bring you two stories of people from Moldova who have stood up for their rights and those of others. They have contributed to equality and justice, improving lives,…  

In “the biggest village in Europe”: a single mother develops a profitable business from ethno-tourism

Ana Statova, a single mother of two, has recently become a local celebrity in the Gagauzia region of Moldova. News about the traditional touristic complex „Gagauz Sofrasi” built in the village of…  

Buckwheat and almonds are the new raw materials for Moldovan briquettes

For the time being, renewable energy is the only opportunity for the Republic of Moldova to diversify its sources of energy supply and to improve its energy security. Out of all the renewable energy…  

Meet Pluk-O-Trak — the new innovative friend of Moldovan apple pickers

Mihai Chilianu is manager at a top Moldovan fruit production company. For some time now, he was dreaming to acquire an innovative semi-automated fruit harvesting machine. In August 2017, the company…  

Sound the alarm

Recent weather events around the world illustrate what scientists have long advised - that the peak intensity of severe storms increases as temperatures rise, and the refractory period between peaks…  

A Pill for Life

The alarm ‘wakes up’ Elena six times a day. It’s been happening for four years since she found out she was seropositive. “I am horrified to forget to take the antiretroviral medicine, so I set the…  

A new road for Parliament petitions

Since January 2016, all petitions received by Parliament are managed via a digital information system and since April 2017, citizens can submit petitions online, at e-petitii.parlament.md.  

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