Moldova on the wave of fast growing healthy fresh fruits snack trend – promoting healthy lifestyle for kids


Is it possible to solve a pressing social and health and cultural problem and at the same time develop a completely new market niche with exponential growth potential? Can our kids gradually intake more fresh fruits with positive nutritional, health and educational impact, as they are now eating only about 2/3 of the minimum quantity? Can our private sector companies develop a completely new product with little funds? Can parents and schools promote fresh fruit consumption and gradually increase the presence of fruits on the kid’s menus?

Our answer is – YES, if everyone works together.

Jointly promoting attractive, fast to consume, convenient and healthy snacks is the answer! Fresh fruits are an excellent option; with Moldova being one of the largest producers in the region. But how to make this attractive for kids and generate new profits and jobs? Here is the idea: connect private sector to come with the technological solution based on existing ultra-modern practices that are just appearing on other markets! Connecting kids, parents and schools to an exceptionally interesting journey of gradually increasing intake and monitor impact on health and educational results. And the product itself?  Fresh apple snacks - treat this as finger food which kids love but yet something very nutritional that will help them learn easier with a better diet through fresh fruit snacks. All the great taste which has never been easier.

Like the idea? Corporately we are fully engaged and already started the journey. More than 300 parents, 150 kids, 80 schools and a hundred of private sector companies are already in. Make a difference and join our campaign! Our invite is to mobilize funds so that regular distribution is made possible and increased consumption is ensured. Join us and back it on

A 14 USD can feed a kid for one academic year, with at least two fresh snacks per week. Let’s make this happen! Be a responsible person or company! On the June 1, the kids day worldwide, be on the wave with us!

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