How do we curb corruption in Moldova after the “theft of the century”

29 Jun 2017 by Olga Crivoliubic

The cartoon exhibition "Asa NU" (How not to). The cartoons were made at the initiative of UNDP Moldova by the famous caricaturist Alex Dimitrov
After the "theft of the century", when one billion USD – the equivalent of 12% of Moldova’s GDP, has vanished without any trace, corruption became an emergency condition in the former soviet republic. According to the Corruption Perception Index for 2016, the Republic of Moldova is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, and two-thirds of Moldovans think that corruption is one of the biggest problems in the country. … Read more

Climate change policy from the ground up

21 Jun 2017 by James Vener

In addition to afforestation initiatives, Moldova has extensive carbon market experience, generating 1,200 tonnes of tradeable carbon emission reductions. Photo: UNDP Moldova
When governments do not properly consider the link between policymaking and how the policy would be practically implemented on the ground, there is a distinct risk the gap between concept and reality will be too much to overcome. In the field of climate change policy, I was recently reminded of one such disconnect that was turned into deft political solution-finding during a visit to Orhei, a farming town in rural Moldova. … Read more

From formal lecturing to skills building – better training for future judges and prosecutors in Moldova

02 Jun 2017 by Alexei Ghertescu

What makes a good judge or a good prosecutor? It might be just a rhetorical question in legal philosophy, unless you have a very practical task of preparing real judges and prosecutors for real life work. The task becomes even more difficult if you have to do it in a country in transition with no previous traditions of having well developed specialized trainings for legal professionals. … Read more

The true poverty of data

10 May 2017 by Alexandru Oprunenco, and Tom Saunders

Eradicating poverty remains a long-standing goal of global development. It’s also a centerpiece of the 2030 Agenda. And while no one would doubt the importance of this goal, a lingering question remains: how do we measure poverty and how do we best make use of poverty data? … Read more

Ghost Villages Project

15 Mar 2017 by Ana Moraru

Photo: UNDP Moldova
What is the extent of the migration phenomenon in Moldova? What is the population density and how are rural areas affected? What are the patterns of migration, and how do they change thorough the year? Can we see how this pattern changed over the past 3, 5, or 7 years? How to make local public investment decisions sensitive to migration flows? These are the questions that MiLab is trying to answer through the Ghost Villages Project. … Read more

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