Ghost Villages Project

15 Mar 2017 by Ana Moraru

Photo: UNDP Moldova
What is the extent of the migration phenomenon in Moldova? What is the population density and how are rural areas affected? What are the patterns of migration, and how do they change thorough the year? Can we see how this pattern changed over the past 3, 5, or 7 years? How to make local public investment decisions sensitive to migration flows? These are the questions that MiLab is trying to answer through the Ghost Villages Project. … Read more

In Moldova, we can make investigative journalism great again. Here's how.

21 Feb 2017 by Olga Crivoliubic and Mariana Rata

Journalists gather in Moldova. Photo: UNDP Moldova / Mircea Zatusevschi
Corruption offences often remain unexposed; investigative journalists often put themselves at high risk to shed light on these crimes. … Read more

High-class IT system brings transparency and credibility in Moldovan elections

21 Dec 2016 by Diana Zaharia

SAISE is the kernel for several applications that ensure data accuracy and fosters transparency in elections. Currently SAISE is in the process of being made interoperable with other state information registers.
9 o’clock in the evening of the Election Day in Moldova, polling stations are closing. However, the hardest work only starts. Members of the electoral bureaus begin counting the ballot papers. Citizens impatiently wait for the next morning to find out the preliminary results. This was the reality until recently, 2014. … Read more

UNDP Moldova is keeping the doctor away from more than 3000 school-age children

07 Dec 2016 by Dumitru Vasilescu

The idea of tackling the problem of low fruit intake in Moldova came during a banal lunch. We were intrigued by the paradox that in a country that is a regional “garden”, abundant in fruits and vegetables, the average consumption of these goodies constituted only 60% of the minimum WHO recommended quantity. … Read more

Labs as game-changers for governance?

13 Oct 2016 by Alexandru Oprunenco

The way the governance process takes place has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. The rise of new technologies, widening democratic space and rise of citizen expert together with our growing understanding of complexity of development challenges, mark the pronounced shift to distributed forms of governance, with governments-enablers and co-creation of solutions at the heart of a such system. … Read more