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UNDP’s core financial resources come from the United Nations member-states through voluntary contributions. UNDP also mobilizes non-core resources from donors, private sector and various UNDP trust funds.

UNDP’s cooperation and partnership with the Government of Moldova, international organizations, civil society and the private sector are key to the achievement of positive development results.

The number and diversity of donors contributing to UNDP programmes confirms the confidence of the national government and the international and local community in our role as a partner of choice for sustainable development.

The following tables show where our funding comes from and how it is spent. Sharing this information is part of UNDP’s commitment to transparency and accountability to our funders, partners, project participants and the public.

To explore more parameters of our funding, please go to open.undp.org.

Development Contribution by Donor for Moldova, 2018, as of December

Donor Amount % of funding
EU 11,500,179 40.86%
Moldova 9,613,800 34.16%
United States 1,625,231 5.77%
Swiss Development Cooperation 1,548,374 5.50%
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency 1,017,361 3.61%
UNDP (core + non-core/Programme) 651,152 2.31%
Denmark 619,830 2.20%
DFID 561,778 2.00%
Global Environment Facility 540,469 1.92%
Turkey 162,000 0.58%
Montreal Protocol 104,850 0.37%
Netherlands 74,952 0.27%
UN Agencies 58,525 0.21%
Russia 54,000 0.19%
Italy 11,588 0.04%
Grand Total 28,144,089 100.00%

Programme Delivery

24.8 million USD

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