Imi Pasa innovation challenge has announced its winners

Moldova Social Innovation Lab - MiLab (a joint project of UNDP Moldova and E-Government Center) announced five finalists of the project “Imi Pasa Innovation Challenge".

16 successful projects were awarded at the 6th Edition of Moldova Eco-Energetica Award Ceremony Dec 3, 2016

16 successful projects in using and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency were awarded at Moldova Eco-Energetica Award Ceremony, on Friday.

Strategic partnerships in fighting violence against women and domestic violence established by public discussions “10 years together against violence!”

On 30 November 2016, the Common Dialogue Platform of the Women Members of the Moldovan Parliament and the National Coalition “Life without domestic violence” conducted the public discussions “10 years together against violence!”

The third edition of the Innovation in Governance Forum was dedicated to the Public Administration Reform

The third edition of the Innovation in Governance Forum was oriented on how innovation can make public sector more effective and responsive to people’s needs and how it can help advance the Public Administration Reform. The event was organized by the Moldovan Innovation Lab - MiLab.

Moldovan Parliament is committed to fight violence against women and girls

Moldovan parliamentarians and staffers have joined the Global United Nations Campaign UNiTE - 16-days of activism against gender based violence campaign.

The Republic of Moldova will have a new National Human Rights Plan

The Republic of Moldova will have a new National Human Rights Plan (NHRP) to implement the recommendations addressed to the country by the UN Human Rights Council under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 2016. This commitment was assumed by the authorities, civil society and development partners during an international conference held in Chisinau on 22 - 23 November 2016.

First laboratory to test solid biofuels in Moldova received accreditation

The solid biofuel laboratory within the Agrarian University is the first in the Republic of Moldova to receive accreditation for testing physical and chemical parameters of biofuels. The accreditation was issued in November 2016. The laboratory received modern equipment in value of 100,000 EUR from the European Union, in the framework of Energy and Biomass Project, implemented by UNDP.

Over 56% of the Moldovan families use stoves to heat dwellings

Over 56% of the Moldovan families use stoves to heat their dwellings in the cold season, and heat only part of the dwelling surface. Only 22% of the Moldovan people are connected to the centralized heat supply system and more than half of them do not have a water heating system.

[SUCCESS STORY] Away from home, but volunteers

“Whenever I am away from home, I am overwhelmed with homesickness and returning home is the most beautiful and emotional moment for me. I left my home village, but it’s time for me to help it with the skills and expertise I have gathered”, says Tatiana. This summer, Tatiana spent full 8 working days of her short vacation on creating an architectural plan of the community centre to serve the inhabitants of the village for various purposes.

[SUCCESS STORY] It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova

After the break-up of the Soviet Union, the archives of enterprises, or even of entire villages, perished. Thousands of people have paid social contributions, but as pension reform in Moldova drags on, their pensions remain minimal. Others can’t officially prove they worked their entire lives; they await retirement with despair.

[SUCCESS STORY] Moldova: The Orhei National Park – from neglect to World Heritage recognition

Not long ago, the Republic of Moldova – lacking both mountains and coastlines - was considered to be bereft of tourist attractions. Even its own people did not really realize that there is an exceptional cultural-natural treasury right in the middle of the country, just 50 km from the capital city.

[BLOG] UNDP Moldova is keeping the doctor away from more than 3000 school-age children

The idea of tackling the problem of low fruit intake in Moldova came during a banal lunch. We were intrigued by the paradox that in a country that is a regional “garden”, abundant in fruits and vegetables, the average consumption of these goodies constituted only 60% of the minimum WHO recommended quantity.

[BLOG] Labs as game-changers for governance?

The way the governance process takes place has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. The rise of new technologies, widening democratic space and rise of citizen expert together with our growing understanding of complexity of development challenges, mark the pronounced shift to distributed forms of governance, with governments-enablers and co-creation of solutions at the heart of a such system.

[BLOG] Civil service in Moldova: time to look at corruption through a gender lens?

It is largely acknowledged that corruption creates rampant inequalities, destroys opportunities and has a negative impact on people’s quality of life and the fulfillment of their human rights.